The rules are simple. Finish the entire three patty burger within an hour to be placed in the rankings. Top three spots at the end of the month will win cash prizes plus a spot in the finals!

Want to up the ante? Add more patties to increase your ranking.



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Stack Attack Burger Eating Contest Rules

Duration of Contest:

The entire month of May

Cost of Burger:


The Stack Attack Burger consists of three 7oz patties, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese, and is served with 1lb of fries.

Qualification Rules:

To qualify, you must eat the entire burger, toppings and fries within one hour.

You must finish the entire burger and fries to qualify (“Clean plate club”).

Determining Top Qualifying Positions:

Positions will be determined by the number of patties eaten and the time taken to eat.

Additional Patties:

Winning Criteria:

The winners at each location will be announced the week of June 1st. Winning contestant will be contacted either by phone or email.

Payouts for winners are:

1st Place: $150

2nd Place: $75

3rd Place: $25

The top finalist from each location will advance to the championship round.

If there is only one contestant at a location, second and third place prizes will be voided.

Championship Round:

The top finalists from each location will compete against each other for the grand prize.

Grand Prize:

The winner of the championship round will receive $250.

Additional prizes may be given if there are multiple participants.

In the case where there is only one contestant, no grand prize will be awarded.

Standard Contest Disclaimer

Eligibility: Contestants must be of legal eating age and in good health. Participation is at your own risk. Contestant cannot be related to any employee of Hamlin Pub.

Health & Safety: If you have any food allergies, medical conditions, or dietary restrictions, please refrain from participating. The restaurant is not liable for any adverse reactions.

Conduct: Participants must adhere to the rules of the contest and display good sportsmanship. Any cheating, foul play, or inappropriate behavior will result in disqualification.

Judging: All decisions made by the contest judges are final.

Prizes: Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged.

Liability: By participating, contestants agree to release the restaurant and its affiliates from any and all liability, claims, or actions of any kind arising out of participation in the contest.

Publicity: Participants agree to the use of their name, likeness, and contest results for promotional purposes without compensation.

Enjoy your burger and good luck!