beer list

here is the beer list

Draft Beer List

Blue Moon, Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors Light, Guinness, Labatt Blue, Labatt Blue Light, Miller Lite, Sam Adams Boston Lager, Cherry Wheat, Angry Orchard and Sam Adams Seasonal, Bells Seasonal, Leinenkugel Seasonal.


Bottled Beer

Amstel Light, Beck’s, Beck’s Dark, Bud, Bud Light, Bud Select, Corona, Corona Light, Coors Light, Dos Equis, Foster’s, Green Light, Grolsch, Harp, Heineken, Heineken Light, Honey Brown, Labatt, Labatt Light, Labatt Select, Michelob, Michelob Amber, Michelob Light, Michelob Ultra, Miller Genuine Draft, Miller High Life, Miller Lite, Rolling Rock, Sam Adams Light, Sierra Nevada, Molson Canadian, New Castle, PBR, St. Pauli Girl, Sam Adams, Smithwick’s, Stroh’s, Labatt Nordic, O’doul’s, Smirnoff Ice, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Mike’s Hard Cranberry and Woodchuck Cider.


Craft Beer

All of our 5 locations carry a new line of Craft beers each month. Each location has their own unique selections, so come in and check out are new line of Michigan and Craft bottle and draft beers.